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Mage Academy: Trial of the Water Mage

Joel is a powerful water mage, but can he end a drought? That is is his trial, to bring water to a land that is dying without it. You are his dragonlet familiar, and he needs your help. Will you tell him to call down a great rainstorm, or will you suggest he talk to his friend Anya, the air mage?

Each trial you face is tougher than the last, and this is your toughest yet. This time, there is more than one way Joel can fail. The proctors will have you do the trial four times; each time you will make different choices and see a different ending. You want Joel to pass the trial, but what the Mage Academy wants is for you to learn. Which choices are the best choices and why?

Come find the best way to help Joel, so that he can save a dying land!

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