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Merfriends: Water Safety at Home

“Atlantis calling; can you hear us?”

When holographic merpeople show up while you’re eating your breakfast, you know it’s not going to be a normal day. They want to teach you a few things about water. It’s difficult for merpeople to understand how many ways water can be dangerous to an airperson like you, but with the help of their technology, they can keep you safe.

This book will ask you to make a lot of choices. When you make the safe choice, you get a starfish (but you still get to see the cool technology your merfriends would have used to save you if you’d gotten it wrong). Grab your copy and see how many starfish you can collect!


The baby mermaid and merboy illustrations are by Alexandra Clotfelter.


These books teach the water safety guidelines set by the American Red Cross and the Royal National Lifeboat Institution. They are geared for younger kids and focus on staying out of moving water and remaining near adults at all times; thus, they are suitable for children who have not had swimming lessons.

Specific topics covered in other books:

How to call for help, handle other people in distress, and not drink untreated water is in Water Safety on the Lake.

Precautions to take when camping near water are in Water Safety on the River.

Otherwise, each book covers water safety concerns specific to the type of water. For example, Water Safety on the River teaches the safe swim position and how to be rescued when river guides use techniques taught by the Swiftwater Safety Institute. Water Safety in the Ocean teaches about dangerous currents that occur on shorelines, etc.

The books build on one another, so for a comprehensive lesson on water safety, we recommend the full collection. The individual books are useful, however, if you have specific plans to be near a specific type of water body, or if you feel your child (or you!) might be overwhelmed by all the ways water can be dangerous.