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Merfriends: Water Safety on the River

“Atlantis calling; can you hear us?”

This’ll be your longest call yet with your merfriends as they come with you on a camping trip and river rafting adventure. Only, it turns out to be a bigger adventure than you bargained for when things go sideways and your merfriends’ tech fails. What do you do when you fall into a rushing river and Atlantis can’t pull you out?

The radio still works, so listen carefully to your merfriends and they will get you through this.

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Topics covered in this book follow advice from the American Red Cross and the National parks service, and include:

-staying with an adult at all times

-safety around small streams

-choosing a safe campsite near water

-how to wear a life jacket

-choosing a good watersports/rafting company

-what to do if you fall into a river: the safe swim position, rescue with a throw bag as taught by the Swiftwater Safety Institute

-avoiding hypothermia

-safety around rapids and waterfalls

-cliff diving and peer pressure to do unsafe things

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