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Pippa Parvin and the Mystery of the Ruined Corridor

Can you solve the mystery?

You’re an orphan (well, maybe not in real life, but in these books you are) and you’ve gone to live with your Aunt Vivian and cousin Pippa out in the country. Their house is in a small village surrounded by lush forest and the two of them welcome you with open arms.

But you have a secret that you’ve never told anyone. There’s something about Pippa, though. She seems to know your secret already.

When someone ruins the main corridor of your new school, tearing down paintings and spilling paint everywhere, Pippa is determined to learn that secret, too. She sneaks into your room at night and asks you to go to the school with her to crack the case.

To solve it, you must collect four clues, and Pippa will follow YOUR lead. You decide where to explore in the darkened school; you decide which order to uncover the clues. Do you think you can solve the mystery before Pippa does?