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Rickety and Rackety Set Their House on Fire

Rickety and Rackety have set their own home on fire and need your help to escape.

Do you run for the nearest exit, even if there are flames in the way? What do you do if you get trapped? Is it okay to break windows to get out?

This book requires you to make choices that change the story. It has four endings, each of which will teach you something you may not know about escaping from a house fire. Can you keep the two raccoons and yourself safe?

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Download your own fire evacuation plan!

These book was written with help from a firefighter with over a decade of experience rescuing children from house fires and covers the following topics:

-Safe evacuation routes from an apartment building
-Safe evacuation routes from a house
-Knowing your way around your house if you can’t see
-The importance of calling for help if trapped
-Checking doors before you open them
-Creating barriers to block smoke from entering the room
-How to escape through a window
-How to make a family fire evacuation plan

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