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Rickety and Rackety: The Complete Fire Unsafety Collection

Rickety and Rackety really shouldn’t be playing with fire. It’s very unsafe. The problem is, they are two raccoons and they like to destroy things.

Since Rickety and Rackety don’t learn from their mistakes, it is up to you to keep them and yourself safe. Each of these books has four possible endings, and each ending will teach you something new about fire.

Do you know how to put out a grease fire? Does your family have a fire evacuation plan? Do you know how to stay safe on a holiday when people set off fireworks?

In these books, you will learn these things (and Rickety and Rackety probably won’t.) The books also contain links to printable content to help you make a fire evacuation plan and learn how to call for help in an emergency.

Written with the help of a firefighter with two decades’ experience putting out house fires, these stories cover many of the lesser known, yet most common ways children start fires.

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This collection includes the previously published books:

Rickety and Rackety Play With Fire

Rickety and Rackety Set Their House on Fire

Rickety and Rackety Find Things You Should Never Set on Fire

Rickety and Rackety Try Not to Burn Down the Forest

Rickety and Rackety Set Off Fireworks

(Please note, there is no bonus material.)

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