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The Adventures of Billy the Chimera Hunter

This collection contains:

Billy Chan and the Case of the Pengurtles
Billy Chan and the Little Lost Orcoose
Billy Chan and the Fronine Invasion
Billy Chan and the Walrar Bear Abduction
Billy Chan Goes Where the Sheelephants Roam
Billy Chan Chases a Burkey through Albuquerque
Billy Chan Rescues a Moark Named Mark
Billy Chan and the Stinky Goatopus
Billy Chan Goes to the World of the Felidavians
Billy Chan and the Clash of the Bungolins
Billy Chan and Operation Bager
Billy Chan and the Giraffigator Showdown

Penguins with turtle shells kidnapped my parents on our family vacation, and that’s how I learned I’m a chimera hunter. Chimeras are mythical creatures who look like mixed up versions of regular animals, and they visit from other worlds sometimes. Only chimera hunters can follow them back into their worlds.

When you’re a kid, that gets complicated.

Hi, my name is Billy Chan, and I’m the main character in this book. Sounds weird for a book character to say that, huh? Most of us have no idea that we aren’t real, living, breathing people. So why do I know this, and why do I tell you that I know this?Because in this book you’re going to help me make some big decisions. You can make safe or risky decisions and change the end of the story.

In life, you want to learn to make safe decisions, but in books, you should feel free to take risks. That’s part of the fun.No matter what crazy decisions you ask me to make, I’ll be just fine.

Come join me on my first ever adventure!