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Mage Academy: Trial of the Air Mage

Out now!

Anya is at the top of her class and the best air mage the Academy has had in ages, but can she save a village from a cyclone? It’s the most difficult trial yet, and it’s your job to help. Will you tell her to figure out the right spells on her own, or work with other students? Who should she recruit when the storm draws near, lighting is crashing all around, and cyclones are tearing up the land?

Her goal is to save the village, but little does she know that you’ve got a magical advantage. The test proctors will let you try the test four times with the help of a time portal. You’ve got four chances to guide Anya to save the village. You hope for success, but you must learn when you fail. Because learning is what these trials are all about. Make the best choices you can!

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