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Merfriends: The Complete Water Safety Collection

Out now!

“Atlantis calling; can you hear us?”

This collection contains all of the Merfriends water safety books, including:

Water Safety at Home
Water Safety at the Swimming Pool
Water Safety on the Lake
Water Safety on the River
Water Safety in the Ocean

These include every lesson the Merfriends teach about how to be safe around water, whether it is a big body of water like the ocean, or a small amount of very hot water in a cup.
Each story will ask you to make choices about what to do in a dangerous situation. Every time you pick the best choice, you are awarded a starfish. But there are no “bad” choices with the Merfriends around. They have advanced, Atlantean technology to save you from any situation.

Grab your copy and see how many starfish you can collect!

These books teach the safety standards set by the American Red Cross, U.K. Royal National Lifeboat institution, and U.S. National Parks Service.

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